Theatre Vs Cinema: An Experiment

What happens when you take a disgruntled cinema fan who confesses to have always shown very little interest in theatre, and place him in a real life experiment based on theatre and cinema productions?

Well, we hope to answer this question, with our very scientific experiment, kind of.

The experiment takes the aforementioned grumpy individual and subjects him to a live performance, both in the flesh, and on the big screen.

The experiment was carried out on the same evening, in conjunction with the Garrick Theatre in London, and the Picturehouse cinema just down the road.

The test subject will watch the first half of a production of Romeo and Juliet in the theatre, then at the interval he will be sped across town to watch the second half of the same performance in the cinema, being shown live as it will be captured on film at the theatre.

So the night came and the participant took his seat at the theatre for the first half, and interestingly, a strange thing happened.

The self-confessed theatre avoider actually enjoyed the performance, and really took to the production, getting fully immersed by the plot and the characters.

Once the first half was concluded it was off to the cinema for the second half, which was the exact same live performance that was being recorded and streamed to this cinema location.

Once sat down, it suddenly became apparent to the test subject that the livestream was in black and white.

Although this decision was intentional by the director, it did take a bit of getting used to at first.

The feedback from the experiment was interesting to both the participant and the test conductors.

The test subject stated that the feeling inside the room was very different, and the audience was unengaged in the cinema which made the production lose its impact.

The set also felt huge on the screen, where as in person it had felt normal and in proportion. 

A very different experience which clearly have their own application.

What Challenges Do Young Actors Face?

Actors making their way into the acting and film industry face a variety of different challenges overall when trying to make a name and career for themselves within the industry. These can range from a variety of different sources and can be extremely testing for young actors looking to make a break into the industry.

Breaking Into The Industry

One age-old and common problem which is facing millions of every actors every year is making a break in the industry. Typically many people associate making a break into the industry with Hollywood or a blockbuster.

This is not always the case as many actors have progressed from minor roles in budget films or tv series into major roles within the mainstream film and acting industries. However, these opportunities are often few and far between so it is essential that actors are able to network in order to be able to make their way forwards in the industry.

Increasingly more and more actors are having to make their way into the industry with a degree in performing arts as well as additional accreditation. Without this they may have little chance of being considered.


Another key challenge facing young actors within the acting and film industries is finances for their studies / day to day lives. Because acting is such a popular and saturated industry many acting students struggle to make any headway within their industry. This means that it is not uncommon for young actors to have several jobs at once in order to supplement their income.

Traditionally the acting industry has long been associated with the hospitality industry as well as other industries that involve part time work such as childcare. There are some bursaries and other forms of financial support available for young actors, but these are often taken quickly by those eligible.

Social Media Management

A big part of an acting career is now becoming social media and social media management. This is because increasingly advertising companies and other organisations are looking for actors on social media to promote their products or services.

In addition to this celebrities as well as lesser known actors are likely to receive a lot of attention on social media overall , both good and bad. In order to manage their social media actors often have to employ the help of agents or social media assistants in order to respond to queries and business enquiries as well as managing their social media presence in general.

What Can Be Done To Improve Young Actors Prospects Overall?

There is a lot that can be done to help improve young actors prospects overall. One of the main ways in which young actors overall prospects could be improved overall is an increase in bursaries as well as financial support being made available to larger numbers of actors and acting students.

In conclusion there is a wide variety of different factors overall that can affect young actors as they try and make their way through their careers. In order for young actors to be successful overall it is essential that they make contacts and seek out financial support wherever possible.

B2B Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation For Acting And Events Companies

B2B lead generation can come in many shapes and sizes. Believe it or not some of the best ways to help improve lead generation include going to Broadway shows. Broadway shows often attract actors as well as event companies who may send representatives along. In addition to his directors and talent scouts are often at productions in order to seek out any new talent they may need. Through this article we will examine different ways in which lead generation can be conducted for acting and event companies.

B2B Lead Generation At Broadway Shows

B2B Lead Generation

As previously mentioned lead generation at Broadway shows is an excellent way in which to gain exposure for your company. Often parties or events are held before/after Broadway shows where businesses often meet and exchange details. This is an excellent source of B2B lead generation and the businesses involved are likely to have large business profiles as tickets to Broadway are by no means cheap.

B2B Lead Generation At University Lectures

B2B Lead Generation

Another way in which to greatly improve lead generation is attending business summits and lectures at universities with representatives from your company. These events often provide excellent opportunities for companies to meet other businesses in their sector and gain ideas as well leads from each other. A further advantage of attending university/events lectures is that additional information can be collected by your company. E,g new business methods or techniques that could improve your overall business performance.

Why Is B2B Lead Generation Important?

business to business lead generation is important for a number of different reasons. One of the main reasons it is important is that it drives sales and brings in new potential customers. Leads are vital to any business in order to keep thriving and succeeding. Business to business lead generation in particular is also important as often businesses may pay significant amounts for services from other business for services for example such as marketing or product design. Business to business lead generation can also raise the profile of your business and lead to more exposure for your company overall.

B2B Lead generation

How Does Marketing Affect Lead Generation

Marketing has a significant effect on lead generation. Both the rate of leads coming in as well as the quality of the lead. In order to ensure that there is ample leads coming in businesses often have to do marketing in order to ensure that people are being drawn towards their business. However marketing does not always lead to sales as although it may generate leads many leads often do not lead anywhere and are simply a mark of interest in your company or services.

B2B Lead Generation

Utilising B2B Lead Generation can be a critical factor in ensuring the longevity of your company. Without the appropriate standard of quality of leads it is likely that people will have their businesses financial stability threatened as a result. In this difficult economic climate people must strive to constantly generate new interest from potential clients in their products or services.

B2B lead generation

One very effective way of improving your overall lead generation tactics would be to incorporate scheduled posts being posted to your social media channels by an automated programme e.g hootsuite. This saves time making up posts and keeps potential and existing customers up to date with business movements and offers. In addition to this SEO can help to enhance a businesses online presence and engage with the wider target market.

Internet Regulation- How It Affects Hollywood

Movies have always been subject to copyright laws and over many years people have been prosecuted for breaching these laws and filming a film in a cinema for example. However as time has went on technology has changed drastically and now in the present times we live in films can be pirated and downloaded very easily online. In order to counter this a number of organisations within Hollywood have filed claims against websites to try and get them shut down. In some cases they succeeded, however new sites keep popping up so this issue has become very difficult to tackle for movie makers in the US.

What Is Internet Regulation

Internet regulation covers a wide range of different things from copyright to preventing access to certain sites etc. In the case of film makers legislation such as the digital millennium copyright act are very important. This is because there have been several cases in the past few years where people have been sued for uploading films or using music or direct clips from the film and publishing them without permission online.

Some countries take a much harsher stance on internet regulation on others. For example in china access to the internet is heavily restricted and many western sites are blocked automatically as the government in part controls what its citizens can access online. This contrasts completely with what many western governments have in terms of laws regarding the internet. In the US freedom of speech and other laws mean that government control of the internet is very hard to enforce.

How Can Internet Regulation Benefit Hollywood

Internet regulation could benefit Hollywood in a number of different ways. One of the main ways in which it could benefit hollywood is pirated movies and copyrighted videos would likely see a dramatic drop if there was further internet regulation. As a result of this movie makers would likely have higher royalties and profits as more people may choose to see their film in the cinema due to restrictions on pirated copies.

What Negative Effects Could Internet Regulation Have?

As well as advantages there are also a number of fundamental disadvantages that internet regulation could have. Political unrest and discourse could arise as a result of stronger internet regulation powers. Furthermore if further internet regulation is associated with filmmakers and directors then they may be more likely to receive bad press or less interest from the public.

Overall Conclusions

Overall there are a number of different things that can be said about internet regulation and filmaking as a whole. it is clear that at present internet regulation in the US its in its infancy and is limited. Other countries who have a more controlling approach have almost fully implemented internet regulation and this has not gone down well at all in the affected countries. Therefore what can be concluded is that internet regulation should be treated with caution as it is effectively an umbrella solution that could have much farther reaching consequences than most people realise.

carbon dioxide sensors

Carbon Dioxide Sensors At Events

Carbon dioxide sensors at events can hugely influence the success of an event. The success or failure of an event can often be determined by the huge impact which they have on the effectiveness of the carbon dioxide sensors which are utilised at the event. Many events strive to have the most effective health and safety regulations in place to ensure that there isn’t a lack of health regulations in place which ensure the safety of all attendees to the event. There is unquestionable importance now placed upon events maintaining a high number of regulations which ensure the attendees of their event are as safe as possible.

carbon dioxide sensors

Carbon Dioxide Sensors

These sensors are now critical with regards to their use ensuring the safety of people in various buildings and at festivals around the world. There is a new surge which has seen music festivals enjoy a significant increase in popularity amongst people who used to never think about the dangers of an increased level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. A high level of this can have a significant impact on a workforce, which can greatly hinder the productivity of people as they will feel fatigued due to the increased chemicals in the air. There is no question that this can seriously impact people’s experiences when they are at music festivals if there is too much of this chemical in the area.

carbon dioxide sensors

Music Festivals

Music festivals have always been hugely popular with the general public, but with the recent surges in guaranteed good weather through the summer for much of Britain it has seen a significant increase in the amount of people who are wanting to attend these events. People are often overcome with jealousy by looking at the footage of people who attended these concerts on social media sites and they want to make sure they are there the following year. This has been a significant reason why tickets purchased well in advance of the events are now rising through the roof and people are unable to process just how these events are able to sell out so well prior to these events.

carbon dioxide sensors


Happiness is known to be such an important factor in everyday life and everybody strives to be as happy as they possibly can be at all times. If carbon dioxide succeeds the acceptable level for it this can greatly impact the happiness of the people who are operating in the area where the carbon dioxide is enjoying an increased level. If this is within a workplace, employees may have significantly reduced motivation to perform their daily activities thus having a significant impact on the quality of work which is completed by the organisation which can affect how people perceive your company. This can have a similar impact on people who are attending music festivals. People who attend festivals who are going to enjoy their genre of music and hopefully get to do so in the sunshine are often not fortunate enough to do so because of increased carbon dioxide levels.