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A Lead Generation Agency Can Get You More Shows

Theatres have been one of the many non-essential businesses that have been affected by the recent world pandemic.  The coronavirus has completely turned everyday life upside down for everyone, and it has created great uncertainty for businesses such as ours.  We are very fortunate that we can live in a world where people have access to luxuries like entertainment and the arts.  But what do you do when a completely unprecedented global event threatens the future of these luxuries?  We want to share how a lead generation agency could be the key to get back on track once this all blows over.

lead generation agency

Lead Generation Agency For Arts And Entertainment

A lead generation agency was a service that was typically thought of for businesses that need call centre work and other kinds of contact with potential customers.  It is a very effective way of creating interest amongst people that are not aware of your business or it’s services.  It is one of the oldest forms of marketing, and has been around ever since the adoption of the telephone amongst society.  While some people may see it as irritating and potentially disruptive, if used in the right way it can do wonders for you and your business.

lead generation agency

Theatres In Decline

Theatres have been seeing an unfortunate decline in popularity over the past few years.  Thanks to online services such as Netflix and amazon prime, more and more people are tuning into readily available online content that they can get as and when they want.  This unfortunately means that theatres and live performances have been suffering, and attendance rates are at some of the lowest they have been in while.  But it is not all dome and gloom however, and it appears to be a double edged sword with the internets influence having a positive effect on theatre attendance to some degree.

lead generation agency

Social Media Platforms Spreading The Word

One of the main advantages that we are seeing alongside the use of social media within society is the ability to reach more people through online advertising.  Social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram facilitate the free and widespread sharing of content to all kinds of people.  Since social media sites collect data on the kinds of information and content people want to see, it means that we can carefully target the kinds of people that are more likely to be interested in a theatre performance.


Young People in Theatre

Social media is making a lot more young people aware of the theatre, and capturing their imaginations which is driving more and more young people to the theatre and into the performing arts.  This will hopefully secure the future of live performance for the next generations to come.  If we use social media properly, we can hopefully get more people interested in this magical experience.  If we use the power of the internet alongside the reach that lead generation companies can bring, we can get more and more people interested in theatre.


Why Everyone Needs To Go To The Theatre

The fact is that, if you want to have a great night out, you will need to attend a modern theatre performance at least once. However, what happens when you do attend one? What do you remember about the experience?

Your first memory of a modern theatre performance is likely to be a particularly magical moment. You might even have a photo of the show or performers on hand as you read this. However, you can sometimes be lost for exactly what you were thinking about at the time, or where the show started and ended.

What makes these events special is the fact that they are very different from those of years gone by, and incorporate new technology to make the event more entertaining. The initial issue that you may have during a modern theatre performance is finding a good spot. Sometimes the theatre is filled with people, but it is difficult to find a good spot, and you are forced to sit in the back of the room, not the front. This is especially true if there is space in the front of the theatre.

Modern theatre presentations often use space in the theatre. Whether you are standing in a seat or on a bench, you can still get the same effect and enjoy a magical show. One thing that is worth remembering is that you do not have to rely on the obvious places to enjoy a show. You can sit in a seat in the top row and look out over the whole theatre, and you can do so as long as the show is worth your while.

You also have an advantage when it comes to modern theatre audiences. The large variety of movies and television programs on offer means that you will find plenty of things that you will enjoy, and new types of shows that you will like. To make the most of these opportunities, you need to familiarize yourself with all the options available.

One of the best places to do this is to start with an evening at a modern theatre. The theatre can be made to feel like a movie theatre by having great sound and a nice cinema atmosphere. It is easy to adjust to the sounds and light, and you can take your time and go with your family or your friends. Most modern theatres will have a list of events that are available for you to attend during the day and evening.

Dinner is another way to enjoy a show, and some theatres offer a choice of meal. This could be a selection of the usual dinner options, or you could be able to choose something more extravagant. It is worth trying a selection of the regular foods to see how they are prepared, and how they will turn out. When you have taken your meal, you can usually return to the theatre to watch a movie or a show.

In summary, there are many ways to enjoy a modern theatre. You will want to try to get into the theatre early to be in a position to sit in a comfortable seat, and have a view of the rest of the theatre. A romantic dinner, a light snack and watching a film are a few of the possibilities, and you will need to check what is on offer to find something that you will enjoy. You can even try a restaurant in the theatre, and see how it compares with traditional eating in an area away from the theatre.

VHS to Digital

VHS to Digital Conversion For Theatres

We recently covered the story of an experiment conducted in London, which was based on doing a real world comparison of the theatre vs the cinema.  The experiment used a theatre production as the test material, showing a test subject half of the production live in the theatre, then the other half at a cinema live stream of the production.  Whilst this experiment was far from scientific, and it only had one test participant, the test subject was definitely a theatre sceptic, and by the end of the test the subject was a lot more interested in theatre productions.  If you are wondering what VHS to digital converters have to do with this experiment, please read on.

VHS to Digital

VHS to Digital Converters

The connection is simple, with more and more mediums being used across all aspects of media production, these companies are broadening their horizons in terms of what is achievable with vintage formats.  The study that we mentioned actually used a black and white filter when live streaming the production to the cinema showing, and production companies are starting to use various media formats within their work.  So it is not just home videos from when you were a toddler that can be converted from VHS to digital, there are all kinds of new and exciting ways that this service is being used.

VHS to Digital

How Does the Process Work

The process is relatively simple and has not changed much over the years.  You take any kind of analogue tape format and place it in a player, then the player plays it in real time while sending it via output cables to a digital recording device.  The great thing about the companies that offer these services is that they have designated equipment that do a lot of tapes in one go, and they ensure the best conversion.  Old players can be problematic for tapes if they haven’t been cleaned or serviced, and they will often damage the original tapes if you are not careful.


Tapes Will Degrade, So Don’t Wait

One thing that is little understood by most people is the fact that over time, VHS and other tape mediums will degrade.  This means that over time, whether it is played or not, the magnetic strip that holds all of the tapes information will gradually become affected.  If a tape is played a lot of times, the magnetic strip will become stretched and worn by the player head, and even if the tape just sits in storage this will also affect the condition of the tape. Once this damage has been done, it cannot be undone and it is therefore permanent. 

VHS to Digital

Make Memories Last

In order to make sure your memories last forever, digital conversion is the best way to go.  Perhaps you have some screen plays and some test footage shot during production, or you want to use video as a medium in your live stage production.  The possibilities are endless, but make sure you have digital back ups off your footage for maximum security. 


Theatre Vs Cinema: An Experiment

What happens when you take a disgruntled cinema fan who confesses to have always shown very little interest in theatre, and place him in a real life experiment based on theatre and cinema productions?

Well, we hope to answer this question, with our very scientific experiment, kind of.

The experiment takes the aforementioned grumpy individual and subjects him to a live performance, both in the flesh, and on the big screen.

The experiment was carried out on the same evening, in conjunction with the Garrick Theatre in London, and the Picturehouse cinema just down the road.

The test subject will watch the first half of a production of Romeo and Juliet in the theatre, then at the interval he will be sped across town to watch the second half of the same performance in the cinema, being shown live as it will be captured on film at the theatre.

So the night came and the participant took his seat at the theatre for the first half, and interestingly, a strange thing happened.

The self-confessed theatre avoider actually enjoyed the performance, and really took to the production, getting fully immersed by the plot and the characters.

Once the first half was concluded it was off to the cinema for the second half, which was the exact same live performance that was being recorded and streamed to this cinema location.

Once sat down, it suddenly became apparent to the test subject that the livestream was in black and white.

Although this decision was intentional by the director, it did take a bit of getting used to at first.

The feedback from the experiment was interesting to both the participant and the test conductors.

The test subject stated that the feeling inside the room was very different, and the audience was unengaged in the cinema which made the production lose its impact.

The set also felt huge on the screen, where as in person it had felt normal and in proportion. 

A very different experience which clearly have their own application.

What Challenges Do Young Actors Face?

Actors making their way into the acting and film industry face a variety of different challenges overall when trying to make a name and career for themselves within the industry. These can range from a variety of different sources and can be extremely testing for young actors looking to make a break into the industry.

Breaking Into The Industry

One age-old and common problem which is facing millions of every actors every year is making a break in the industry. Typically many people associate making a break into the industry with Hollywood or a blockbuster.

This is not always the case as many actors have progressed from minor roles in budget films or tv series into major roles within the mainstream film and acting industries. However, these opportunities are often few and far between so it is essential that actors are able to network in order to be able to make their way forwards in the industry.

Increasingly more and more actors are having to make their way into the industry with a degree in performing arts as well as additional accreditation. Without this they may have little chance of being considered.


Another key challenge facing young actors within the acting and film industries is finances for their studies / day to day lives. Because acting is such a popular and saturated industry many acting students struggle to make any headway within their industry. This means that it is not uncommon for young actors to have several jobs at once in order to supplement their income.

Traditionally the acting industry has long been associated with the hospitality industry as well as other industries that involve part time work such as childcare. There are some bursaries and other forms of financial support available for young actors, but these are often taken quickly by those eligible.

Social Media Management

A big part of an acting career is now becoming social media and social media management. This is because increasingly advertising companies and other organisations are looking for actors on social media to promote their products or services.

In addition to this celebrities as well as lesser known actors are likely to receive a lot of attention on social media overall , both good and bad. In order to manage their social media actors often have to employ the help of agents or social media assistants in order to respond to queries and business enquiries as well as managing their social media presence in general.

What Can Be Done To Improve Young Actors Prospects Overall?

There is a lot that can be done to help improve young actors prospects overall. One of the main ways in which young actors overall prospects could be improved overall is an increase in bursaries as well as financial support being made available to larger numbers of actors and acting students.

In conclusion there is a wide variety of different factors overall that can affect young actors as they try and make their way through their careers. In order for young actors to be successful overall it is essential that they make contacts and seek out financial support wherever possible.