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When Do Companies Drug Test New Employees?

Testing in the workplace is a common event performed in most companies before hiring employees. But that doesn’t mean the employees are free after the alcohol and drug testing at the time of selection.

Companies with a reputation and goodwill in the market have to check and balance their employees. If you are selected for the job, the company can randomly ask you to give your sample to detect any illegal drug or alcohol in your blood.

Do you have a question related to testing in the workplace? Indeed, this post will answer all the questions regarding when companies perform drug and alcohol testing on new employees.

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What are the Reasons for Conducting Drug Testing on New Employees?

The income relies on potential workers who work with devotion for the company’s success. But if there is any deviation in an employee’s working pattern or an incident within the company, the company can start a drug testing campaign. Random alcohol and drug tests can also occur along with tests done after an incident. But what are the reasons these tests are done? Why are they truly needed?

There is a bundle of reasons; however, some of them are as follows

Decreased Efficiency

The company hires an employee for a designation after analysing all his capabilities. The company understands that he can perform well in this position and bear the job load.

Usually, the employees consider that they have climbed the recruiting mountain and reached the top once they get hired. But the actual struggle starts after the recruitment procedure when there is a bundle of pending files and a hectic routine.

The employees forget that the company is just transferring money into their accounts for attending the office, but in reality, the company keeps a keen eye on everyone’s activity.

If the director feels that any employee is not working efficiently, he may order a drug and alcohol test for that particular employee.

Violence in the Building

Within an internal company culture and environment there usually are standards to fill. If an employee behaves in a way that diverts away from this culture or causes incidents it can disrupt the stakeholders internally and the reputation externally. A drug addict not only wastes his own time but also diverges others’ attention. He can become erratic and possibly violent to any faculty member and damage the company’s property. Therefore the issues of drug and alcohol abuse have to be spotted immediately. Increasing violence in the company should be a red signal for the owner, abuse physically as well as verbally

Increased Theft Activities 

It is the company’s responsibility to ensure the safety and security of other people’s belongings. If there was a track record of theft cases before hiring an employee, it indicates something wrong with the employee.

There are CCTV cameras installed in most companies. If the person is captured stealing the staff’s laptops, wallets, and mobile phones, it is a sign of an issue and the incident should be looked into. Furthermore, his samples should be collected to ensure whether he is a drug addict or not.

Association with Other Companies

Well-reputed organisations have to work in collaboration with other companies. If the owner is making a team of new employees who have to deal with the partner of the project, the drug, and alcohol test is mandatory in that case.

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Final Comments

It will be great if your report comes negative while testing in the workplace is performed. But if it comes positive, it will be a red buzzer for your career. There is nothing to argue with your company if they ask you for a specimen. Testing can be used as proof against incidents as well as deterrents for any future drug or alcohol abuse. Hence be brave and go for testing.