Scissor Lift Platforms for a Broadway Production

When setting up a show of any sort, whether it be Broadway, musical or any other type of entertainment. Ariel platforms, such as scissor lift platforms, may be required in the construction and modification of both the stage and the hall itself.

scissor lift platform


There are many different uses for scissor lift platforms in the entertainment industry, usually, they are required during the set-up but can also be used during shows.

Stage Set Up

Stages have a whole manner of different things to set up. From lighting equipment, curtains and a variety of other things.


Depending on the performance, there may be props that require to be lifted up high. This may include confetti canons and a whole manner of different props.


Ever been to a show where the whole place is decorated head to toe? A platform, such as a scissor lift platform has the ability to allow people to reach places that may be too dangerous or too inaccessible otherwise.


There are many benefits for crew in the entertainment industry to use scissor lift platforms, these include;


These types of platforms are incredibly safe and designed with safety in mind, due to the nature of the work that is normally carried out on it. The majority will come with built in safety railings


This links into the safety of a scissor lift platform, which are extremely durable. This helps ensure the longevity of the platform and they require little maintenance when kept in a good condition due to this as well.

Cost Effective

There are a couple of different options when it comes to acquiring a scissor lift platform, you can either rent or buy. Depending on the amount of times that it will be used may determine which is the most cost effective solution for you. If it is a small city hall, which only hosts a few shows a year will probably benefit more from renting a platform. A large concert hall which sees shows come and go throughout the year may be better off investing in buying a lift platform as it could save money over time.


Having a platform like this can make a lot of different jobs a lot easier. A scissor lift platform has a large enough platform to be able to fit people as well as objects on it. Making the whole process


Although you can get industrial sized scissor lift platforms, you can also get smaller, more compact scissor lift platforms, which are ideal for the entertainment industry.