When Is the Best Time of Year to Replace Double Glazing Windows?

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If you’ve held your property for a certain amount of time you may have wondered when Is the best time of year to install new double glazing windows? Well this blog aims to break it down. Beginning with winter, it is known as a busy season for contractors, so make sure you schedule your installation early. You may think winter will be dirty, but it’s actually one of the best times to have new windows installed. Contractors will be more available and prices will be lower. If you are looking to install new double glazing windows why not consider double glazing East Kilbride window replacement options.

Also, you can find big discounts during this time of year. Whether you’re having the windows installed in the home or office, winter is the time to do it.

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Winter season

The best time of year for window replacement depends on the type of windows you want to install. You can also opt for seasonal sales to get the best price for windows. However, you should be aware that installing windows in the winter season is not cheap as the cost will vary based on the brand, material and size of the windows. It is a good idea to get your windows replaced before they lose their heat.

Fall season

If you are planning to get new windows installed in your home, now is the perfect time. Fall is the season when people tend to be more energetic. This means that window companies and manufacturers can offer discounts and offers to lure more customers. Additionally, many window companies have extra time during the fall season, which makes the turnaround times faster. Moreover, the fall season is the best time to replace double glazing East Kilbride windows and doors because the prices are at their lowest.

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Spring season

The spring season is the perfect time for home improvements and home updates. You’ll save money on labor costs, as well as get better working conditions. Replacing your windows is also a great way to reduce energy bills and maintenance needs. The spring season also prevents cold drafts during installation, making the process a breeze. This spring season, you should schedule the window replacement project well in advance to avoid any unexpected problems.

Summer season

Summer is the best time of year to replace your windows, if you want to get energy-efficient windows installed. The warmer weather will keep your home cool, and installing new windows during the summer will keep out the harmful UV rays from the sun. Since windows are typically made of two or three panes of glass, you can choose between a double or triple pane. You can choose a window with a low-E coating, or opt for a triple-paned window. Triple-pane windows are made with a layer of Argon gas in between two panes.


Although spring and early summer are ideal times for window replacement, there are downsides to each season. Spring brings milder temperatures and fewer bugs, while summer has a higher risk of rain and humidity. Also, spring is not as busy as fall, so you may have to wait a few weeks for service. Fall is a less popular time to replace windows, but still offers many benefits. Fall weather is less humid and drier than summer, so you may want to choose a later time.