FAQS About Female Hormones

Many of us get ‘the talk’ when we reach our erratic teenage years.

However, how often have you had open conversations regarding your menstrual cycle or hormones?

Chances are, none.

You’re not wrong if your menstrual cycle or pregnancy comes to mind when the word hormones comes to mind.

However, hormones have roles to play beyond these phenomena. When you can understand your body and the role hormones have to play in its regulation, only then can you make better-informed decisions about your health.

Here are a couple of frequently asked questions about the female hormone test.

What are Hormones, and Why are They Important?

Hormones are chemical molecules moving in your bloodstream, regulating several bodily functions and cycles.

These include your menstrual cycle, sleep cycle and even your growth.

Some common examples of hormones in females are the sex hormones estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. Since these chemicals have such a crucial role in regulation, changes in their concentrations can have a detrimental effect.

Female Hormones: How do they function?

How to Know If Your Hormones are Imbalanced?

Hormone imbalance can have several manifestations, often varying from woman to woman. However, some common telltale signs include:

·         Irregular periods

·         Low libido

·         Infertility

·         Fatigue and brain fog

·         Sudden weight gain or loss

·         Trouble sleeping

·         Frequent mood swings

·         Growth of unwanted facial hair

If you have the symptoms above, get a female hormone test done. 


Hormonal Imbalance: 8 symptoms to be aware of

Hormone Replacement Therapy: What is it?

Hormone replacement therapy is an excellent option for women suffering from hormonal imbalance. This treatment method is so successful because the same hormones are used, which are naturally produced in your body. It’s also commonly used in females who’ve had menopause or have breast cancer or osteoporosis.

Thyroid Hormones: What do They do?

When talking about hormones, thyroid hormones are frequently swept under the carpet. However, they’re just as crucial as your sex hormones.

Thyroid hormones have an essential role in generating energy for every cell in your body. Unfortunately, elevated estrogen levels also happen to inhibit thyroid function, due to which most females suffer from an inactive thyroid. This can cause several issues, such as difficulty shedding weight and even hair loss.

Do Hormones Play a Role in Bone Health?

In short, yes, they do have a role to play.

Parathyroid hormones (unrelated to thyroid hormones) have an essential role in measuring your body’s calcium levels. When these hormone levels increase in your bloodstream, the concentration of calcium in your blood increases, leading to painful medical conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis.

Does Our Environment Affect Our Hormones?

Hormones are sensitive to one’s environment. This means any external stress, poor nutrition, or chemicals in our products, such as plastics and BPA, can block your hormones and prevent them from functioning correctly. Believe it or not, even an irregular sleep cycle can also hugely affect your hormones.

Bottom Line

Hormones are everywhere. In fact, there are several in your body working right now, making sure your body’s operating correctly. Since they’re so important, it’s crucial to pay special attention to any changes in your cycle and get a female hormone test done for hormone imbalances.