How Robots Can Help Event Management

A wonderful page with all sorts of different robot fish including student projects from a Tokyo university. Most seem quite simple in principle using just one or two RC servo motors. This looks like it could be lots of fun, however unbelievable amounts of work go into these products and it is no coincidence that these products are becoming mainstays within the Japanese robot’s market because of the time which is devoted to these products. These products need to differentiate themselves from the many other robotic alternatives that exist in the world and in particular in the Japanese market.

Japanese Market

The Japanese market is rife with robotic machines which can all perform a variety of different activities. There can be no question that the robots range of activities which they perform can be hugely influential with regards to the quality of service which Japanese companies can now offer to their consumers in comparison to the previous quality of services they could provide. Germany has always been regarded as the best country in the world with regards to producing the most efficient and reliable products, however, there can be very little question that Japan is beginning to catch up with the Germans particularly with regards to their productivity levels.

Advancements In Technology

Japan is extremely good at taking advantage of the technology which they have available to them in this country and adapting their practices on a daily basis in order to improve the quality and efficiency of their own productions. There can be no doubt that Japan’s robotic machines which they make use of are incredible pieces of equipment which work at rates which are far superior to the typical human worker. Robots working at a rate which is far quicker and consistent than a human, who will encounter tiredness and potential boredom, and they will not require any breaks whatsoever. Furthermore, they are far more likely to not make human errors as a result of mental fatigue which is a considerable factor in costing businesses money usually as businesses will need to account for human errors in their financial reports at the end of the year.

Wedding day

For so many people, their wedding day is the most important day of their lives. There is no question that the way that a wedding day goes can often be a clear indication of how a marriage is destined to play out. A positive and happy wedding day experience can often spell the beginning of a tremendous chapter in both of these people’s lives. Adding a robot fish into this equation can almost help guarantee that this will result in everybody’s day being greatly enjoyable. This may have a detrimental impact in the quality of life then enjoyed by the newly married couple. It is imperative that newlyweds get off to the best possible start after saying their vows to ensure that their marriage does not initially hit the rocks. Couples must have some serious time spent together as a married couple before they can deal with serious issues effectively.

Event Staffing Solutions

Event Staffing Solutions In The Entertainment Industry

Event Staffing Solutions

Within the entertainment industry there are many events that are hosted year by year at a variety of different locations. In order to meet the demand for these events it is important that companies look to local communities as well as further afield in order to source event staffing solutions. As well as the entertainment industry the hospitality industry also has a large demand for event staffing solutions.

Event Staffing Solutions- Wider Effects

Event Staffing Solutions

One of the most iconic events to take place in the United Kingdom was the 2012 London Olympic games. During this time thousands of athletes from across the world descended on London to take part in the Olympic games. G4S a security firm which is one of the largest in the world was assigned to manage the games security. However in the months leading up to the games it emerged that G4S was greatly understaffed and not fully in a position to provide security for the games. Due to this issue the UK government had to step in and the army was widely used to help with security. This helped to illustrate how crucial staffing can be at high profile events as there could have been serious consequences if G4S had still continued to be responsible for security with large gaps in staff numbers.

However in the months leading up to the games it emerged that G4S was greatly understaffed and not fully in a position to provide security for the games. Due to this issue the UK government had to step in and the army was widely used to help with security. This helped to illustrate how crucial event staffing solutions can be at high profile events as there could have been serious consequences if G4S had still continued to be responsible for security with large gaps in staff numbers.

Event Staffing Solutions

Staffing Solutions At Festivals

Festivals of any kind often attract large audiences and as a result require large numbers of staff to deal with demand, in order to meet this demand festival organisers often hire people from the local area to help them, Event staffing solutions can come in a number of different shapes, sizes and organisations. One of the most important parts of any event is the medical and security staff. In order to source effective event staffing for both these areas it is important to find reputable companies. Festival or event organisers that fail to source reputable or effective staff could find themselves liable for legal action if someone is hurt at their event and adequate care has not been taken.

How Can Event Staffing Solutions Benefit Communities

Event staffing solutions can benefit local communities as well as festival organisers. Often when festival come into local communities many jobs are created that can provide employment within the community. In addition to this more rural locations may gain higher tourism levels and exposure as a result of high profile events. Overall event staffing is important for communities and event organisers.

Acting And The Entertainment Industry

Over many years the acting and entertainment industry has transformed in its attitudes in many different ways. One of the biggest and most fundamental changes /movements that has been observed within Hollywood is the me too movement. This movement highlighted sex abuse allegations and harassment within the industry. Many actors spoke out in support of the women involved and new procedures and protocols were put into place to prevent anything like that happening again.

Budgets For Films And Cast Selection

Budgets for films have risen steadily over many years from the 1950s onwards. Whereas previously films originally would have budgets of thousands or hundreds of thousands when films became popular, films now can have budgets that run into hundreds of millions of dollars. Part of the reason the bar has been raised so high for budgets is high profile actors from Hollywood as well as more use of special effects and computing technology. Attitudes to cast selection have also radically changed as now movies such as star wars have done casting calls for lead roles without picking out Hollywood actors. This has opened up more diversity within the Acting world and there are now more female actors as well as actors from ethnic minorities.

Employment Levels In Actors

Unfortunately unemployment levels within the acting profession are at very high levels. It is commonplace for actors across the UK to have several jobs at once in order to make ends meet. They often rely on work on the side and traditionally work in trades such as hospitality or retail to generate income whilst looking t make a break into the acting world. Part of the reason that employment levels are so low is the sheer numbers of actors across the UK.

Acting and drama are becoming increasingly popular subjects at schools and as a result more and more students are looking to pursue a career in acting. However in order to get top or mid range roles as with may professions due to saturation in the jobs market often only those with the most qualifications are being chosen for lead roles. This and industry/family connections are big influencers in who succeeds in landing acting roles.

Social Media And Acting

Social media has played an important part within the acting industry as shows such as games of thrones and peaky blinders have become viral and extremely popular after being shared across face book and other platforms. The more publicity for a production the better. Another way in which social media has affected actors is by producing social media celebrities that then go on to become actors. This has led to many turning to social media as an alternative to acting as large sums of money can be made from featuring advertisements on popular videos as well as by doing brand deals or sponsorship.

Property Maintenance Glasgow for a Theatre or Concert Hall

Every type of property will run into maintenance issues at one point or another and theatres are no exception. Your main aim should be to keep on top of it. Here is some information about property maintenance in Glasgow for a theatre or concert hall.

What Needs to Be Inspected in a Theatre

The first step is to identify anything that may need to be inspected, there are both interior and exterior types of property maintenance in Glasgow.

Exterior Property Maintenance Glasgow

Some different types of exterior property maintenance in glasgow to take into consideration for the theatre or concert hall include;

  • Loading dock
  • Waste area
  • Pavements and outdoor stairways
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Landscaping
  • Parking
  • General condition and appearance of the property


Interior maintenance to take into consideration when undergoing property maintenance in Glasgow include;

  • Fire safety considerations
  • Tools, equipment or machinery
  • Emergency response equipment/first aid

Routine Maintenance

Routine property maintenance in Glasgow is focused on keeping things clean and presentable, this can also help reduce the risk of accident and injury.

Floor Maintenance

Floor maintenance can refer to the general cleaning that will need to be done to keep your floors looking their best. Floor cleaning may be carried out for a number of different reasons, whether it be as part of general maintenance cleaning or cleaning up a spillage, it is essential that wet floor signs are used to help ensure health and safety concerns are met.

Label Cleaning Chemicals

When storing any type of cleaning chemicals, it is essential that you label exactly what they are. This is because certain chemicals when mixed together can become deadly. You also don’t want the wrong chemicals to be used for the wrong task, as things may end up getting damaged because of it.

Scheduled Property Maintenance Glasgow

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning

There can be a significant loss of airflow when ventilation and air conditioning systems don’t get cleaned and filters don’t get replaced regularly. This can affect the general air quality, as well as being a hazard in case of a CO2 leak.

Back-Up Generators

Equipment, such as back-up generators need to be tested monthly (at least) and serviced annually to help ensure that they are in good and working order.

Stage Curtains

Stage curtains and notoriously heavy and due to this, they need frequent inspections to make sure they are safe. They will need to be checked for damage; such as tears, as well as dirt.


Elevators in any building require maintenance to ensure their integrity. Elevator accidents can be serious so it’s essential to make sure that they are in good working order at all times.

Forklifts and Aerial Lifts

Forklifts and other aerial lifts are generally used for things such as lighting and can also be used as part of the stage in same cases. Theatres will generally either buy or rent this type of equipment depending on budget and frequency of use, as well as storage space.

Best Things About Seeing a Broadway Musical

Broadway musicals aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but everyone should give Broadway a chance, even if it’s just once. You never know, you might end up pleasantly surprised and actually enjoy yourself. Here are some of the best things about going to see a Broadway musical.

You’ll Be Back for More

Many people who see a Broadway show will go on to see multiple more. Not everyone is going to fall in love with the prospect of Broadway but the majority of people will go back

Teach History

There are many Broadway shows that are being acted out in theatres all over the world that bare reference to historical events. Whilst some include characters that have played a part in history. The best thing about the historical aspect of a Broadway musical is that the learning aspect is also wrapped up in singing and dancing, so it can be a fun way learn something new.

Tackle Social and Political Issues

As well as history, many musicals also tackle social or political issues, for example, Hairspray largely includes the theme of Racism in America – which is still a large issue today. Broadway musicals are a fun way to incorporate serious themes and lessons into a bit of light hearted entertainment.

Engross You in the Story

Broadway musicals immerse you in the storyline and captivate the audience from the get-go. Everything in a Broadway musical is there to grab your attention, from the music to the costumes, props and the lights.

Who Doesn’t Like a Bit of Singing and Dancing

Broadway appeal to many people because a lot of people enjoy music, singing and dancing. That is the key to the audiences’ heart and Broadway pulls this off in spectacular fashion. Whether you know the words or not, a Broadway show will have you wishing that you were up there on stage singing and dancing with the cast.

Can Be Reasonably Priced

Depending on when you go and where you choose seats, going to see a Broadway show can be reasonably priced. Broadway in London and New York are notorious for being expensive but there are many different amateur productions that you can go and see locally.