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Best Actors to Follow on Instagram

The best actors to follow on Instagram include the likes of Kevin Hart, Ricky Gervais, and Stephen Fry. If you’re looking to follow an actor who has a wide variety of interests, you’ll love this list!

Check out their stories and learn about their careers. You can even join their fan groups and see the latest happenings in their world. But you’ll need to find a way to find their feeds and make sure they’re public so you don’t miss out on their posts!

Ricky Gervais

If you are looking for a great comedian to follow on Instagram, you’ve come to the right place. The world-famous actor, writer, and director has an official account with the username @rickygervais. Ricky has over 14.6 million followers and is best known for his roles on the sitcom The Office. However, he is not only popular for his work in the comedy genre. He has also directed, produced, and written numerous films, including the highly successful An Idiot Abroad.

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is one of the busiest men in Hollywood, but he still finds time to share photos of his day-to-day work life. He shares behind-the-scenes photos from his new movie, Fatherhood, and posts photos of himself and his famous friends. A recent throwback post showed Hart chatting with his co-stars in a sleeveless sweater vest.

Idris Elba

It is not only the star’s plethora of projects on his resume that makes him the best actor to follow on Instagram, but also the fact that he is so down to earth and open. The actor is open about his struggles, and it shows. He has posted a number of live videos of himself, as well as his struggles with addiction and substance abuse. He shares these videos with his fans, and his followers are astonished by his candidness.

Lena Headey

You may not know it, but Game of Thrones star Lena Headey is one of our best Instagram people to follow. She plays Cersei Lannister on the popular HBO series, and is constantly on the road, doing bougie celebrity things like filming, reading scripts, and doing publicity stunts. While we all love a good celebrity photo, we also want to get to know the actor behind the iconic character. Follow Lena Headey on Instagram to keep up with her latest news and photos.

Zooey Deschanel

When it comes to actors who have made an impact on the entertainment industry, few can compare to Zooey Deschanel. Not only has she had a successful career on the big screen, but her persona has also helped her find success. While many consider her an over-the-top manic-pixie dream girl, she is also a talented singer and has had a big hand in shaping pop culture over the past two decades. If you haven’t checked out her Instagram, now’s the time to do so!

George Lopez

George Lopez is a multifaceted actor who has made a name for himself in the media. He has worked in film, television, stand-up comedy, and late-night talk shows. His new NBC sitcom, Lopez vs. Lopez, will begin shooting later this fall. The series will star George Lopez’s real-life daughter, Mayan, and is set to debut in 2022. He also posts plenty of photos to his Instagram.

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What is SEO Content Writing?

Search engine optimization is a booming industry filled with never-ending potential. As a result, writing is no longer just a play of words but rather an art form of data analytics and copywriting skills.

If you’re looking to sustain your website and garner the traffic your website deserves, you’re likely to want to look into different SEO content writing services. Before that, though, let’s dive into some of the basics of SEO writing.

What is it?

SEO writing is a way to get search engines to deem your website’s content worthy and rank it higher on their search pages. It’s the execution of target keywords within your content recognized by crawlers. As the name suggests, crawlers crawl your web page and allow search engines to increase its visibility. 

people working in an office

SEO Content Writing: Why Bother?

As mentioned above, SEO writing helps boost your website’s recognition in a sea of noise. But why is it even essential to make it to the first page?

We’re glad you asked!

The higher your page ranks, the more clicks it’s bound to get. How often have you looked up something online and clicked on the second page?

Our guess is never.

That’s because you always find what you’re looking for on the very first page. So based on this, if your website isn’t making it to the top, it’s probably not being looked at all.

SEO writing is technically a marketing strategy to get your brand better visibility. Once you’ve optimized your content for search engines, everything else is history. It does the rest for you and continues to work for your website throughout its life. Because the top searches in Google have to be of highest relevance and quality the top pages Google wants will be of this nature as well.

people working on laptops in an office

SEO Content Writing 101

SEO writing may sound fairly simple, but it’s not always easy to get it right. Thankfully, that’s where SEO content writing services come in. They pretty much do everything for you!

Unfortunately, there’s no magic wand that’ll get your website to rank better, but we do have a couple of pointers for you to implement into your SEO strategy.

Know Your Audience

Actual SEO content writing begins before you even start typing the first sentence. If you’re to crack SEO writing, you first need to understand your audience’s needs and what they want to read about.


If you’re not researching for target keywords, your content is up for failure. So instead, carry out targeted research and assess how popular those words and phrases are. Don’t always choose the top ones, though. The more saturation there is, the less likely your content will come up.

Understanding the Algorithm

Google’s algorithm isn’t set in stone, making SEO content writing all the more challenging. They’re constantly updating their algorithm, which is why you must stay on top of all these changes.

wall of computer code

Bottom Line

SEO and quality content go hand in hand. However, it’s not always easy to get it right the first time around. Don’t fret, though. There are several SEO content writing services to help your website soar to new heights. If you’re currently employed or looking for work check out our article on drug tests at work before your work gives you a drug or alcohol test.

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Top Up and Coming Actors for 2022

Who are the top up and coming actors in 2022? In this article we’ve picked some of the best young talent that will likely be seen on your screens in the future.

In terms of acting potential, Jordan Peters has made quite a splash in recent years. He recently appeared in the Sky drama Gangs Of London and Reggie Yates’ comedy Pirates, which centres on three best friends celebrating the new millennium. Peters’ next project will be an adaptation of the book by Dolly Alderton, Everything I Know About Love, which could become 2022’s answer to Normal People.

Will Poulter

Will Poulter is an English actor who trained in the same drama program as Robert Pattinson. He made his film debut in the 2006 horror film ‘Son of Rambow’ and has since appeared in several films. He is repped by WME and is currently set to star in the upcoming Hulu drama Dopesick. In addition, Poulter is set to appear in the upcoming Marvel Studios film, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Jaeden Martell

Jaeden Martell is an American actor who was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is five feet seven inches tall with green eyes and dark brown hair. He was raised in South Philadelphia but moved to Los Angeles when he was eight. He has already appeared in several movies and television shows, including It and St. Vincent. His mother, Angele Teresa Martell, is an executive chef who has appeared in several Food Network shows, including Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

Tye Kayle Sheridan

As a child, Sheridan had little acting experience and starred in only a few school plays before getting the role in Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life. The movie won critical acclaim and was nominated for several Academy Awards. In the years since, Sheridan has appeared in several movies and even co-founded a theatre group called Won.

Jacob Tremblay

Canadian born Jacob Tremblay is a rising star in the film industry. He is a talented young actor who started his career as a child artist in films and television series. His breakout role was in the 2015 film Room, based on a novel by Emma Donoghue. His performance earned him the Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Young Performer. In addition to receiving accolades, Jacob has also been nominated for two Saturn Awards and an Empire Award.

Cole Sprouse

The son of renowned jazz musician Nat King and a famous Welsh poet, Cole Sprouse began his acting career at the tender age of six months. He began appearing on television shows and movies as early as 1993. He has been an active member of the acting community and has been praised by critics and fans alike. When he started acting, he often played the same roles as his brother, Dylan. This is common in Hollywood due to the child-actor rules.

Hero Fiennes Tiffin

The 22-year-old actor has already made waves in the industry, with his role in the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince film, After. He has a great deal of potential and a burning desire to become one of the most talented actors in the business. Born to a famous British family, Hero was already featured in a number of films. In fact, his father is a cinematographer, and his mother is a writer.

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When Do Companies Drug Test New Employees?

Testing in the workplace is a common event performed in most companies before hiring employees. But that doesn’t mean the employees are free after the alcohol and drug testing at the time of selection.

Companies with a reputation and goodwill in the market have to check and balance their employees. If you are selected for the job, the company can randomly ask you to give your sample to detect any illegal drug or alcohol in your blood.

Do you have a question related to testing in the workplace? Indeed, this post will answer all the questions regarding when companies perform drug and alcohol testing on new employees.

woman doing interview with man

What are the Reasons for Conducting Drug Testing on New Employees?

The income relies on potential workers who work with devotion for the company’s success. But if there is any deviation in an employee’s working pattern or an incident within the company, the company can start a drug testing campaign. Random alcohol and drug tests can also occur along with tests done after an incident. But what are the reasons these tests are done? Why are they truly needed?

There is a bundle of reasons; however, some of them are as follows

Decreased Efficiency

The company hires an employee for a designation after analysing all his capabilities. The company understands that he can perform well in this position and bear the job load.

Usually, the employees consider that they have climbed the recruiting mountain and reached the top once they get hired. But the actual struggle starts after the recruitment procedure when there is a bundle of pending files and a hectic routine.

The employees forget that the company is just transferring money into their accounts for attending the office, but in reality, the company keeps a keen eye on everyone’s activity.

If the director feels that any employee is not working efficiently, he may order a drug and alcohol test for that particular employee.

Violence in the Building

Within an internal company culture and environment there usually are standards to fill. If an employee behaves in a way that diverts away from this culture or causes incidents it can disrupt the stakeholders internally and the reputation externally. A drug addict not only wastes his own time but also diverges others’ attention. He can become erratic and possibly violent to any faculty member and damage the company’s property. Therefore the issues of drug and alcohol abuse have to be spotted immediately. Increasing violence in the company should be a red signal for the owner, abuse physically as well as verbally

Increased Theft Activities 

It is the company’s responsibility to ensure the safety and security of other people’s belongings. If there was a track record of theft cases before hiring an employee, it indicates something wrong with the employee.

There are CCTV cameras installed in most companies. If the person is captured stealing the staff’s laptops, wallets, and mobile phones, it is a sign of an issue and the incident should be looked into. Furthermore, his samples should be collected to ensure whether he is a drug addict or not.

Association with Other Companies

Well-reputed organisations have to work in collaboration with other companies. If the owner is making a team of new employees who have to deal with the partner of the project, the drug, and alcohol test is mandatory in that case.

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Final Comments

It will be great if your report comes negative while testing in the workplace is performed. But if it comes positive, it will be a red buzzer for your career. There is nothing to argue with your company if they ask you for a specimen. Testing can be used as proof against incidents as well as deterrents for any future drug or alcohol abuse. Hence be brave and go for testing.

FAQS About Female Hormones

Many of us get ‘the talk’ when we reach our erratic teenage years.

However, how often have you had open conversations regarding your menstrual cycle or hormones?

Chances are, none.

You’re not wrong if your menstrual cycle or pregnancy comes to mind when the word hormones comes to mind.

However, hormones have roles to play beyond these phenomena. When you can understand your body and the role hormones have to play in its regulation, only then can you make better-informed decisions about your health.

Here are a couple of frequently asked questions about the female hormone test.

What are Hormones, and Why are They Important?

Hormones are chemical molecules moving in your bloodstream, regulating several bodily functions and cycles.

These include your menstrual cycle, sleep cycle and even your growth.

Some common examples of hormones in females are the sex hormones estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. Since these chemicals have such a crucial role in regulation, changes in their concentrations can have a detrimental effect.

Female Hormones: How do they function?

How to Know If Your Hormones are Imbalanced?

Hormone imbalance can have several manifestations, often varying from woman to woman. However, some common telltale signs include:

·         Irregular periods

·         Low libido

·         Infertility

·         Fatigue and brain fog

·         Sudden weight gain or loss

·         Trouble sleeping

·         Frequent mood swings

·         Growth of unwanted facial hair

If you have the symptoms above, get a female hormone test done. 


Hormonal Imbalance: 8 symptoms to be aware of

Hormone Replacement Therapy: What is it?

Hormone replacement therapy is an excellent option for women suffering from hormonal imbalance. This treatment method is so successful because the same hormones are used, which are naturally produced in your body. It’s also commonly used in females who’ve had menopause or have breast cancer or osteoporosis.

Thyroid Hormones: What do They do?

When talking about hormones, thyroid hormones are frequently swept under the carpet. However, they’re just as crucial as your sex hormones.

Thyroid hormones have an essential role in generating energy for every cell in your body. Unfortunately, elevated estrogen levels also happen to inhibit thyroid function, due to which most females suffer from an inactive thyroid. This can cause several issues, such as difficulty shedding weight and even hair loss.

Do Hormones Play a Role in Bone Health?

In short, yes, they do have a role to play.

Parathyroid hormones (unrelated to thyroid hormones) have an essential role in measuring your body’s calcium levels. When these hormone levels increase in your bloodstream, the concentration of calcium in your blood increases, leading to painful medical conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis.

Does Our Environment Affect Our Hormones?

Hormones are sensitive to one’s environment. This means any external stress, poor nutrition, or chemicals in our products, such as plastics and BPA, can block your hormones and prevent them from functioning correctly. Believe it or not, even an irregular sleep cycle can also hugely affect your hormones.

Bottom Line

Hormones are everywhere. In fact, there are several in your body working right now, making sure your body’s operating correctly. Since they’re so important, it’s crucial to pay special attention to any changes in your cycle and get a female hormone test done for hormone imbalances.